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10 things to do after quarantine

Ah, that quarantine… Literally suck up all the life and energy from us! But, like every bad thing, it js gonna get well soon. Here your list for things you shpuld do after quarantine. Till then, stay safe

Every party needs a cake

Every party needs a cake! 

Buy or make a cake. Of course, you don't have to wait end of the quarantine to eat a cake, but it will definitely put you in the party mode! Enjoy your cake after quarantine! 

Where is your picnic basket? 

After quarantine you will have lots of time be outside, have parties or gatherings. However, nothing is better than a picnic with yourself or your significant other! It will prepare you for long hours in the outside. 

Time of running shoes

Time of running shoes! 

If you wasn't a jogging person, you should definitely consider to be one after quarantine. Staying at the home all day is really bad for your health and muscles! Little morning joggings will help you gain back them! 

Did someone said gaining

Did someone said "gaining"? 

All day eating snacks and watching Netflix sound really good! But we can't say same thing about unhealthy snacks. Probably, you gained little bit weight. Loose them with more healthy and natural snack choices, like, berries and raw vegetables! 

Do something with your hair

Do something with your hair!

Cut, color, or just braid - do something new to your hair! Admit it, you bored too with that meesy bun you had for all quarantine period! New hair style will freshen you up! 

No more ordering online! 

Everyone loosed their head with online shopping and deliveries. But bothing is better going to shopping woth your friends and buying a thing that you can see, touch and be sure if it is fits before going home! We all need that, believe me! 

Say "cheese"! 

And now you have new garderobe and fascinating hair style, time to show them off! Get a photo shoot or just use your camera. You even can make selfies with your cell phone! Don't forget to share them with #afterquarantineglow hashtag! 

Give a break...

Give a break...

We all were in to social media too much in these days. But after quarantine it would be best if we can give a little break. Now there is a new and glowing life on outside! Go and live it, gurrrl! 

Leave your comfort zone. 

Leave your comfort zone. 

It won't be the best time for overseas traveling, but you stillcan make little trip to next city or a village! Just changing your atmosphere will make wonders! So, prapere your travel bag beforehand! 

Wash your hands! 

Wash your hands! 

No matter what happens, don't forget to stay safe and wash your hands! Of course, we definitely will putcome this coronavirus, but there are other viruses and they will always be! So, keep up with basic hygiene rules all the time!

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