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Be ready to work – leaving Home Work habits

Recently we all have home work experience at some point. It can be for months or just for few days – we all had it. Due to quarantine, it was inevitable get used to working at home. Sure, it has some upsides, like wearing pajamas all the time or having snack whenever you want. However, there is few upsides too. This new life style made us little bit lazy and layback person. However, how to get over it and be ready to old work routine? We have few tips for you. With those tips, you will be ready to get back your work in the office!

Change your pajamas to regular clothes

Yes, we know you have your pajamas on right now; there is no use to hide it. We all have it. Of course, suiting up at home is not necessary too. However, changing to your regular clothes might be a good thing to do. And no, sweat pants considers as pajamas too. Just wear your nice and clean pair of jeans, some shirt and you are all set now! If you are feeling little extra, try to wear make-up or get your hair done. Will boost your mood immediately!

Have a proper lunch

It is early to ask you have breakfast in the morning, too early! However, you can get on the truck your lunch time. Set specific hour to eat your lunch. Almost identical to your work places lunch breaks would be a nice touch! Prepare yourself healthy lunch and sit down and eat it! Do not respite your lunch over and over. And you definitely should eat candy and popcorns on lunch too! Something too fancy would be waste of time. Just keep it simple, easy to make and healthy!

Less social media

Yes, I know, we used social media on our workplaces too. But I bet, it was not this much! Social media addictions is one of worst addiction. In order to leave it behind, set timers for yourself. Reduce your social media scrolling only 3 to 4 hours for day. If you think, you can not follow that schedule, just shut down your accounts for few weeks. It will give you time to revise your social media using habits and get lots of work done! You even can`t imagine what you can do with those extra hours that you have spent in social media until now. After this experience, you might not want to go back to social media!

Sit on the chair and work on the desk

Sound really simple, huh? However, you definitely forget this too! We all did! We all work in our beds now, as if we never had an office or a desk to work on. Yes, it is comfy and easy to work on the bed or sofa, but it is not good for your posture or working habits. In no time, you must go back to your workplace and I can assure you, there are no beds. Also, working on the desk will make you uncomfortable and you would want to finish your work soon to get back on your bed. Cool trick, huh?

Start talking to people

In these quarantine days, we all stay connected with our loved ones by internet and online chatting. Meanwhile, we almost forgot how to talk to human being directly. It sounds funny, but a little bit sad at the same time. Therefore, you should practicing. Pick up your telephone and actually call someone! It may be your family member, a friend or a co-worker. Just have a long, meaningful conversation with them. Do it regularly and you we ready to work place chitchats! Also, you will be aware of what are your loved one feels. Because we all can hide our emotions with funny words and emoji’s, but there is no way to sound happy when you are actually sad. Pick up telephone now!

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