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Foods for immune boost you need

It not a good time to catch a fly or cold. Then we need all the help for help our immune system to work better and to be more strong. Few of them you have already known, but some of them you are seeing first time. Let's look at them together. 


Garlic known as a natural antibiotic for decades. You can have them in food, or salad. Prefer to eat raw for more benefits. 


The thing is, in most countries, especially in the East, onion considers as antibiotic equally as garlic. Especially raw onions used as garnish for most meals. You can try it on your next dinner, why not? 


Nothing can cure a cold better than a cup of ginger tea. This bitter and tangy roots easy to find and even one piece of root enough for a week! But be careful, overusing it can cause "burns" in your mouth. 


Another Eastern remedy for cold. Some cultures uses milk with turmeric to fight against cold. How effective is, you can say after give it a try. Milk should be warm or luke-warm, don't forget! 


Not only oranges, tangerines and lemons too are good source of vitamin C - you know, a.k.a immune booster. Eat them fresh or drink fresh juice. Prefer to buy natural and organic products. 


Surprised, huh? Not anyone has an information about that tomatoes has as vitamin C as any other citrus fruit! You might be surprised again when I say you in fact, tomatoes are fruits too! 


If you vrew up watching Popeye getting super Saiyan with just a can if spinach, then you are not surprised at this time. Yes, spinach is really good for your immune system. Maybe won't give you those enormous biceps, but definitely will help to kick out infection from your system. 


Recently there was big hype about almonds and their benefits. Let me tell one thing, that hype wasn't for no reason. Almonds are really good for your health. Just one palmful of almonds will make ylur immune system more stronger. Plus, almonds are healthy snacks options too. 

Greek yogurt. 

Dairy products automatically considers as good for your health, but Greek yogurt definitely should hold the first place. It is good for anything - metabolism, fat-burning, skin and of course, immune system

Red bell pepper. 

If you love oranges for their vitamin C level, then you gonna adore red bell peppers even more! They have 3 times more vitamin C than oranges! Shocking, huh? 

Oily fishs

Yes, yes, I know - it is hard to eat a fish when you have a cold. But you have to eat fish before getting cold, remember? It is for boosting immune system. Any kind of fresh, oily fish is good, but if you can find a wild salmon, that would be the best! 

Dark chocolate 

You can't believe your eyes, don't you? Yes, finally some sweet treat is considering as healthy and essential for your immune system! Go ahead and enjoy your piece of dark chocolate in peace - because it is good for you! 

Bone broth 

This on needs little bit time and effort to make, but definitely worth it! Bone broth is an old recipe for give a little boost to immune system. Just get some big bones - very cheap - and boil them in a pig pot for few hours. You can freeze it and use for making soups. 


An apple a day keeps doctors away - we didn't say that! But, even modern science seems to be agree with that old saying. No harm from trying! 

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