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From kitchen to balcony garden
Growing vegetables on your balcony with kithen leftovers.
Eating fresh and natural vegetables is bliss ib these days. Then why not to grow your vagatebles in your balcony? It is not only healthy, also great relieve for your weekly grocery shopping expenses! And good news -  you even not have to buy seeds! You don't believe me? Let's look at together to few tips for making your balcony garden with kitchen leftovers:

Carrots will not end.

Carrots will not end

Carrots are great for anything : soup, soute, pies, cakes and of course, good, big glass of carrot juice! İf you some od those crazy carrot lovers, then you definitely should think about growing your own carrots! You only need deep pots and green end of a carrot. If you place end of carrot in the pot and water regularly, it will grow, bloom and eventually, become big and juice new carrot! 

Tomato - tamato


Okay, maybe I said you don't have to buy seeds, but it doesn't mean you can't get it from your kitchen! You only need big, fully ripe tomato with golden seeds! Just took the seeds, wash them, dry them, put between moist sheets and when they start to spring, but them in the pot! Just in few months, you will eat your own tomatoes! And the best part, if you put them inside when is cold outside, you can still have tomatoes untill plant dies. 


grow greens in glass

Any green can be regrown. You only need  buy greens with roots. You can find them in your local markets, or neighbor fermers. Just carefully cut the part near to roots and put them in the pot. And for some greens, you even can grow or give longer life put it in glass of water! Easy to maintain, huh?. 

For delicious and healthy chips. 

For delicious and healthy chips. 

Everyone loves chips and French fries. But it is really easy to over eat them. Here is a solution for this: grow your own potatoes, then you will hardly over eat those precious vegetables! 
Single potato can become more than three potato plants. Look at a potato closely, you will see little spots. Those are for springing! Carefully cut a potato few pieces, do not tpuch those little spots! And put those potato pieces in big pot or container. In few months, you can harvest most fresh potatoes ever! 



Beans are very easy to grow. I bet, you even have science project at middle school "grow bean sprouts in moist cotton"! The guide is the same: just put some beans in moist cotton sheets, regularly water them and when they become sprouts, put them in the pot! You don't need big space for this one! Bean sprouts grow vertically, so you can hang then to your window or bigger plant. And they are ready to harvest quick too! What else do you need, go and grab your magic beans

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