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Getting perfect tan in summer – tips and not to do`s

Ah, everyone wants that golden, healthy and beautiful tan, right? However, if you are naturally pale or light skin person, it is really hard to get tan without getting sunburn or redness. “Hard” does not mean “impossible”, that means you still have a chance to get that tan perfectly. Here are few tips to follow for you. Follow them and you will get your bronze skin in no time!
By the way, sun cream is the best and only option you have to avoid sunburns, so we are not going to include it in our tips. It would be stating the obvious, right? Here comes tips!

Start contacting with sun slowly
Every time when you go that vacation, you spent hours on sun bathing to get tan.  Mostly, you will end up sunburn or uneven, unflattering tans. Do you want it? Of course not. Yeah, you might have limited time to spend on sunbath and get tan. Yet, if you use that time wisely, you can end up with nice and smooth tan! 
First day of your vacation, do not do tanning. Let your body now the sun slowly. Stay in your room balcony, drink few drinks at the beach afternoon, eat breakfast outdoor, under sun etc. Second day you may get fifteen minutes – half an hour tanning and increase it eventually. After few days you can spent hours under the sun and it won`t even bother you!

Moisturizing is the key
Sun creams have moisturizing effect too, but not as much as old school moisturizing creams. Being out, under the sun, get in pool or sea can damage your skin very much. First, you skin will dry, like, really dry out. So you always should moisturizing it. Do it at nights and morning, it will help to keep your skin moist during day. And do not forget to keep moist yourself… I meant, hydrated. Being under sun will make you sweat and you will lose lots of water. You have to refill it. Keep in mind, drinks, especially alcohol cocktails are not good for you to keep hydrated. Drink plain water frequently.

Keep your shirt on
Although, getting naked seems to essential for getting tan, but it can be problem when you have proper bikini on. Getting tan straps is not cool now. So, in order to avoiding them, you should keep your shirt on daily basis. Also protecting your skin direct sun lights is important. You only should get tan when sun is not on zenith. Prefer more lightweight, thin and breathable material shirts and pants. Light colors are the best. Cotton or other natural materials also good for your skin. Avoid lather, latex and other tight and non-breathing materials as clothing. Dark colors, especially black will attract more direct sunlight to you and will make you hot in your clothes. If you sweat a lot, change your clothes frequently. It might dry out in minutes, but sweat is salty and salt is not good for your skin, especially during sun baths

Sleep in your room
It seems like obvious advice, but you can hear every summer season how many people complain about sleeping under sun and getting sunburn. It is basic logic. Yes, it is really nice and comfy under sun and you will feel little bit sleepy. But under any circumstances you shouldn’t sleep under sun. Read a good book, chat with friends, even knitting is better than sleeping. That is way you should take with you to beach to distract yourself from sleeping. It is up to you!

Give yourself time out
Yeah, you are doing great; your skin is looking tan already. You should continue to sun bathing every day… wrong!  You need to give a break. Your skin need some time to proses all of this and adapt to new environment. If you rush things and do not give that time to it, it will fade away as quickly as it appeared. So do not forget to give 1-2 days breaks to your tanning proses. This year you will get that perfect and healthy tan you have dreamed!

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