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How to boost your mood in quarantine.

We all stuck at home right now. Therefore, we need something to keep us entertained, boost our mood. Obviously, we can not just go out and fun like we did before and meeting with friends is not a good idea on these Social Distasting times. We need something to do at home and mostly by ourselves. As you may imagine, having fun alone can be a real challenge, but it is not impossible at all! Let me give you few tips that I do all the time for boosting mood. 

Singing in the shower, dancing on the mirror…

Yes, we listen music all the time. We have airpods or headphones on us even when we do not need them. However, listening music and singing are two separate things do not mix them up. Try to remember, when was the last time you sang your favorite song out loud. Probably, “never” or ages ago! Time to change that. Pick your favorite song, grab remote control and sing like Beyonce! At least, try. It will boost your mood immediately. And if you are a good singer, it will boost mood of your neighbors too! Total win and win situation here. 

Make your own fashion show.

Did you know that Victoria Secrets` fashion show is officially cancelled? Shocker, huh? But no worries, this year you gonna make your own fashion show and it is gonna be Fa-bu-lous! I know, you have your whole closet with never or rarely worn dresses. Time to put them on good use. Choose your style, swipe up and mix what you have – wear jeans with lather, for God`s sake! There is no one to judge you. In fact, you are the judge here! So have some fun today!

Read a book… just kidding, read a comics.

A webcomic, to be more precisely. In these days, you do not have to go out and buy a real comic for your entertainment. First, you might have a comic book store in your area and paper comic books are not eco-friendly at all! So get on some good webcomic web sites. Of course, you would want to support the artist who provides your entertainment. You still can do it! Most of webcomic web sites requires special “coins” to access next chapter of your current comic. It is almost like reading a paper comic book, but much more easy and fast. 

Make Puppet animals

Sounds crazy, right? Yeah, yeah, I get it, you are not an old person who does knitting and craft. Wrong! Craft is a fun! I mean real fun! Making puppet animals not only a good hobby, also very useful. You can make puppet animals for charities and children in need. In addition, it is great for recycling. You can make puppet animals almost from anything; socks, old t-shirt, dress, yarn, re-make your old stuffed animals and so many other options. Now go and check your old closet, I bet you can find there bunch of things to make puppet animals. And if you do not have anything, you always can buy craft materials from online. There is whole kits for this hobby. Do not forget to use single buttons as eyes for your puppet animal!

Make a photo album.

Ah, here is the nostalgia. Do you remember times when we had to wait for DAYS to see how we look in the photo? Yes, yes, and we can not say to “no, my eyes were closed, take it again”. That was good times. In these times, we make photo album to show our guests and friends. Old Instagram, I dare to say. We do not need it anymore, but it is fun to make! It do not have to be only photos. No one print their photos nowadays. You can make your album with fun facts or souvenirs from your friends. Like, last receipt of movie ticket you have seen together. It will be great birthday or anniversary gift too!

Try new recipes

We do not talk about same mac and cheese or pizza recipe here. Try new things, another cuisine, and unusual style! Kitchen is your canvas and you are an artist now! You can find many delicious and easy to make recipes online. Do not worry, if you do not have exactly same ingredient on the recipe. Improvise, adapt and overcome – it is all about fun!

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