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How to maintain a workout routine

Everyone agree with that – workout is essential for your health. But even when you want to take care of your body and have a regular workout routine , it is hard goal to achieve. but how to be that workout freak, without actually be obsessed with workout? Is there any secret? 
Actually, solution is simple: you have to start with small things.

Quarantine – plenty of time

Nowadays no one can complain about how they do not have time. We do. We definitely do! It is obligatory, of course, but still we do have time for anything. But we cannot use this free time efficiently. First step should be actually calculating how much free time do we have. How much time do you spend to work from home? How much time do you spend to eat? How long do you sleep etc. When you have accurate timeline on your hands, then you should get on the second step.


Set timer.

If you just do your workout when you have ‘free time’, you cannot make it your lifestyle. Your workout time should have strict schedule and rules. No exceptions at all! It does not have to be early at the morning, any time in a day! But it should be followed.

Change your food.

If you want to change you, start with your food! Good and healthy food helps to make your body healthy and in shape. Thus, you should have new diet. Lose all the junk food and start eating healthy. Making your own food and be responsible to what you eat will help you maintain a workout routine.

Find a buddy.

Everything is fun when you do it with your friend. A workout buddy can create competition and drive to achieve your workout goals. You can go for jog together, start a workout marathon and more! And when one is about to give up, other can motivate them easily!

Buy right equipment

It might seems as small detail, but it will help you a lot.  With right equipment you can do some workout moves correctly and more efficient way. In these days, it is very easy to find workout tools and equipment online and cheap. Just decide what do you looking for. Choose them for your level and ability. When you buy some equipment which is not right for you, you are not only spending your money carelessly, also might harming yourself or get an injury. 

Start small, dream big.

You have to set your goal. If it is your perfect weight, or achievement – it is up to you. In any case, setting a goal is a big motivation step! You even draw or you scan your dream body and print out it and pin somewhere you can see when you workout. 

Note your steps

Noting your steps is a good way to look back and see what did you achieve and how did you achieve. A workout journal would be nice. With that, when you give a little break, you can always remember what to do and how to do just looking your journal! Do not forget to log in that journal daily.

If you follow those steps, it would help you to maintain workout routine. However, these all meaningless if you do not believe yourself! Just believe yourself and believe what you can do – everything else is can be done.

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