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How to treat common cold

Common cold is very common in these days - no pun intended. However, it is more alarming than ever to have cold symptoms. New COVID-19 symptoms very similar to common colds symptoms. But how we should distinguish this two? Easy. Before you are feeling really ill, you should treat yourself for common cold. There is few easy and quick steps to take at home:

Take some fresh air

Oxygen is essential for life. It is good for your health. That is why when you feel little bit down, you should take a walk it will freshen you up and give you the boost you needed. In addition, fresh air can unplug your nostrils, cure your headache and help your immune system to protect your body. 

Drink water

Of course, you always should drink plain water. But when you have a common cold, drinking water is not an option, but a necessity. When we are having cold, our body temperature raises, we lose so much body fluids. We need to replace it immediately. Plain water is healthiest and quicker way to raise your body fluid percentage. If you are having problem to drink plain water, you can add few drops of lemon juice or orange juice. Make sure is the water is not so cold, almost at room temperature.
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Eat well

It is hard to have an appetite when you are having common cold. However, staying hungry is not a best option. Actually, it is the worst option. Of course, you should not have oily, heave meal, but having a bowl of chicken soup would be best. Slightly grilled meat and vegetables also a good option. 


You can't say "I do not have time for this". Right now, most of us working at home and when you have a cold, you should not go to work anyway. So just, give yourself 20-30 minutes rest treat. It will help you to back up your energy and feel good. You do not have to sleep for resting. Just lying on the bed or sofa for 20-30 minutes should be enough. 

Laugh of loud 

Okay, maybe we just intended to make a cute “LoL” pun here, but still you should laugh more often when you are feeling down. Staying positive is the best medicine, especially when it is simple disease which you can just cure with staying positive and good mood. In addition, your positive and kind attitude will make your caretakers more eager to help to you. And spread positivity, not flu, please!

Change your sheets and clothes regularly

It is common to sweat a lot when you have a cold. Because no matter how hot is outside, we all dress hot clothes and sometimes tug ourselves under blanket. Of course, it is not good when you have fever, also, it has another downside – you will sweat a lot! If you do not change your clothes and sheet frequently, this sweat will make you more sick. Just change it before going bed at nights it will help you to fall asleep too! 

Eat fresh

Yes, you should eat your vegetables all the time. Even you are sick. Actually, you MUST eat your vegetables when you have a common cold. Our body needs vitamins and minerals to fight with virus and the best way to get them is eating your vegetables. Especially when they are raw or rare cooked. If you are having hard time to eat your vegetables, especially when they are raw, try them with light dip sauces like sour cream or Greek yogurt. The taste will be irresistible!

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