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Weight lost No-bake snacks for summer

No matter what is your diet preference ls, we all love snacks! It is filling, delicious and enjoyable. If you want to achieve that "summer body goal" and have a strict diet, it doesn't mean that you should quit heaving snack once a while. Why should you? There are tons of healthy, weight lost friendly snack options anyway! 

Here are few of them only for you! Enjoy your summer with these healthy, easy to make and low calorie snacks

Fruit skewers

It is first thing in the list and also easiest one! Just by some bamboo or reusable skew and combine your favorite fruits! If you want to be little bit risqué, you can add some low fat cheese balls to this skewers too! And if you just want something sweet, a dessert, then drizzle little bit honey on it - perfect snack

Yogurt with fresh herbs

It is very common summer snack in Asia. You just need plain yogurt or Greek yogurt, add finely chopped cucumber, mint, coriander, dill and green onion. You can have it as dip with tortilla chips or just eat it as summer soup. Delicious, healthy and you definitely won't cheat your diet. 

Oetmeal "surprise" balls

Oetmeal is a healthy option in every situation. But how wecan upgrade this healthy, but slightly plain and dull food and turn it mouthwatering snack? Easy! We need raisins, preferably black ones (more sweet and rich with nutritions), fruit yogurt and oetmeal of your choice. Mix fruit yogurt with oatmeal, make small balls and put a raisin centre - it is our surprise - place it freezer for 30 minutes or more and now you have a perfect summer snack! You can change your "surprise" according to your preferences, like almond or cherries. 

Yogurt Popsicles 

Most of good quality icecreams are full if fats. It is not that bad actually, organic milk has high fat percentage too, but if you want to lose weight, you have to think low fat alternatives for ice-cream. Yogurt Popsicles are the best for it! It is very simple, exactly like frozen yogurt. But has different surprises! Just got some popsicle cups, bamboo stick and your favorite low-fat yogurt. Stick stick to strawberry or your favorite fruit, put in yogurt cup and toss in the freezer until it freezes! You can sweeten yogurt with little but honey. It is healthy and playful snack alternative  for ice-cream in summer. 

Dried apple

If you have a fruit dryer, then you are the lucky one! But ni worries, you still can have those delicious and healthy, very lightweight snacks! Summer is mostly sunny and hot. It might not sound so much pleasant, but sure you can use it on your favor. Just slice some apples, very thin, I have to add and dry them under the sun. Just don't forget to flip them frequently! When they are all dry and crispy, you can store them in a glass jar and enjoy all summer! 

Vegetable plate

It is not very uncommon to have a vegetable plate in gatherings or events. Then why you shouldn't make one just for yourself or your family? It is very easy to make, healthy and filling. Just get some vegetables that can be eaten raw, cut them julien and place on a big plate. You can make some yogurt based dip sauce too! Do not forget to hold vegetables in the freezer before cutting them. That will make them extra crispy and refreshing! 

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