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Perfect workout songs for every mood

Workout is essential for your health, but maintain workout routine, or even started it can be a real problem. Maybe good diet and equipment is real help, but real hero is “Motivation” here. You need something for motivation and a catchy song is exactly what you need. Choosing right song can drive you from doing little cardio to lifting 80 kilograms! But your workout song should match with your mood – it is the secret. Here is the perfect songs for your every mood! Make your gym playlist right now!

I’m here for starting a day – No New Friends by LSD
Our quirky pop queen Sia, hit maker DJ Diplo and talented producer Labrinth created perfect song for quick workout. It has little bit fun, little bit motivational notes and definitely, the beat you needed.  Perfect when you do not aim some serious workout goals, just doing your thing!

Bring your attitude with you – “212” by Azealia Banks
Feeling extra sassy may give you that motivation to achieve your body goal quickly. Get your own private club with that 2011 debut, clubs favorite song! Feel extra powerful.

Get that curve, gurrll! – “Single Ladies” Beyonce
It might title “Single Ladies”, but single gentlemen can do their daily cardio with that song too. this catchy song has great beats for  leg workout or body shaping routines. Just simply shake your body with rhythm!

That Latin fire! – “La Mordidita” Ricky Martin
Everyone loves Ricky Martin. You will love him more with that fierce, unforgettable Latin song. No matter what workout you do, you will end up doing salsa in the middle of the Gym! 

What the hell are you waiting for? – “Numb/Encore
 Linkin Park feat Jay-Z
Let`s admit it, sometimes we need someone to slap in our face and push us to do thing. This song is exactly doing the same thing! Two different genre collaborates and creates perfect song for workout motivation.

No need to words - “Work B-tch,” Britney Spears

Britney says it all – do you want hot body? You better work, kind person! Seriously, if it is not for workout, then we do not know what it is. This song even can be your motto!

Everybody Dance Now – “Gonna Make You Sweat” by C+C Music Factory

1990-ies was crazy. And at first, this song might sound little bit crazy to you. Like, what is lady singing? Is she there just to say “dance” to everybody? After you pass this questions, you just will swing with this music. Everybody dance… I mean, do workout now!

Are you a jogging addict? – “On My Way” Tiësto feat. Bright Sparks

Imagine you are jogging on path through a garden, or forest with this song on your ear buds. You don’t have to imagine, you can do it tomorrow or now!

Be the best version of you – “Stand Out Fit In” One Ok Rock
When all those unrealistic body standards gets you, block them with this song. Good song to constantly remember that you are doing it for yourself, not for others approval! Change your body without changing who you really are.

Never give up! – “Till I Collapse” Eminem

There is always will be time when you want to just give up. Eminem`s this song not only good motivation for workout, but a general motto on not giving up and fighting until end. Every achievement comes with sweat, hard work and time – so do not give up until you get it!

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