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Tips for good night sleep.

Sleeping and night not as common as it was before. We all have smartphones and other things to do to keep us wake at nights. Of course, if you like it, then there is no problem. But not sleeping for a long time can cause some health issues. Nowadays scrolling on social media accounts all nights and not getting up early might be not a problem, but soon we all must go back our working life. Boy, waking up early at every single morning – it is tough one, right? That is why we should get our sleeping schedule on right from now. Yes, it not only about social media or we want to stay awake, sometimes there are real problems to keep up awake. If you have a real health issue, then you definitely should visit a doctor. But if it is something you can overcome by yourself, then we have few solutions for you! Good night!

Glass of water
Mostly, people advice to drink a glass of water in the morning. However, dehydration is a big problem and you always should drink water. Who knows, maybe you can`t sleep because you are thirsty? Do not leave it to chance, stay hydrated. But avoid drink tea or coffee at night. Tea has almost same amount of caffeine, so you should avoid to drink it before sleep. A glass of milk or freshly squeezed juice can be good alternatives too. Yet, a big glass of water is the best. If you can`t drink plain water, add few drops of lemon or orange juice. It will make it more enjoyable.

Do not eat before bed
Yes, we know calories are the same at day or night. We are not talking about calories and eating at nigh will gain you weight myth. Eating at night will keep you awake or you will feel some discomfort at night. Especially eating spicy, sour or oily food at night can give you reflux. Also, it will make you thirsty or need to go bathroom. Eat at least 3 hours before sleep. That way your meal will not give you discomfort and you will sleep tight!

Do some exercise 
Doing some exercise before sleeping is the best way to guaranty a good and long sleep. You have to make those muscles in order to get sleep for yourself. Make it daily routine to go jogging to a nearby park or just doing it at your home. Buy some workout equipment and watch Youtube videos on workout – be your own personal coach! It will help your body and soul, believe me. You will sleep like a baby, a big, very muscular baby!

Buy massage tools
Even imagining being in a SPA center and getting massage from professional makes us relaxed and puts in to sleep. Maybe you can`t go to a SPA center right now, but you can get that massage at your home! There are plenty massage tools in the market. Most of them not even electronic and very cheap. Don`t overthink it, you just need something to make you more relaxed and put together! Just 10 minutes massage before sleep will relief your stress and pressure. Try it tonight – it will show its effect immediately! 
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Use your scented candles
No, I refuse to believe that you don’t have any scented candles. Everyone has stash of them! Even you! So just, stop that denial and lit that candle. Scented candles helps to relief stress and it will make you feel good. If you have your favorite, cinnamon or levanter scented candle, perfect! And just for your information, you can make your candles at home by yourself. It would be very useful DIY project and you could save lots of money. Because despite being identical to regular candles, scented candles actually, not that quite cheap.  In addition, it would be an amazing gift for fellow not sleeping at night person. 

Take a shower
There is a great war between morning shower people and night shower people. We are not here to take a side, but can advise to take a shower at night every now and then. It will fresh you up, wash away all the dirt and stress of that long and hard day. So, think about it. You can take another shower in the morning too! But be cautious about wasting clean water thought. If you feel very tried, yet cannot get the sleep, warm shower will definitely help you. Keep in mind, warm shower will make you sleepy, but cold shower will wake you up. Never take cold showers at night to avoid stay awake nights.

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