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Everyday ingredients for skin care. 

There can be more than you need cosmetic products, but nothing is better than natural skin care. You can make home remedies, masks and even more you can imagine with only few ingredients. And the best part is, you already have those ingredients at your home! Don't believe us? Look at these:


Everyone has water at their home - no argue here. But how you can use just plain water for skin care? Actually, there is few method for this. 
You can boil water with few drops of essential oil and give your face the steam. 
You can wash your face with cold water - as simple as it looks, have huge benefit. 
Or just drink more water - it is the best thing you can do for your skin. 

We all have or had a face cream with cucumber at some point. If all cosmetic companies are agree to evsn smallest percentage of cucumber is good for your skin, then imagine what a natural cucumber will do! Lets find out! Just get one cucumber and peel the skin with knife. Then use skin as a face mask, place on your face. You can eat rest of the cucumber. Good for skin, and health! 

Egg white

Egg white is a natural wrinkle killer, face smother. It is tightens skin and cleans deeply. Just apply an egg white on your face once a week.. Also, say "bye" to your stripes! Just whip an egg white, smear it on your nose, place a paper towel or a tissue piece, egg white again and second layer of tissue. After 40 minutes you can peel of the stripe. No more black heads! 

Greek yogurt

No wonder why ancient Greeks had so many beautiful goddesses. Definitely Greek yogurt has something to do with this! You can use is as face mask. Just smear plain Greek yogurt on your face or elbows. You can add half a lemon juice too - it will be perfect for pimples and redness. 

Camomile tea bag

Next time after you enjoying a big cup of camomile tea, don't throw away the tea bag! You can use them as cold eye patches. You even can use camomile tea as face toner, clean your skin with it every night. Better than any expensive skin care product. 


milk can be used as anything : toner, cleanser, moisturizer, etc. It is easy to find, cheap and good for your skin. Don't do the "milk bath" thing, though. It is little bit extra and total waste! 


We are not so picky, you can use any natural oil you have right now. It can be almond oil, sesame oil or even olive oil. Use it as a mask, or moisturizer. But be carefull, if you have an oily skin, use oils in care. Even normal or dry skin types should not overdo use of oil. 


It is hard to find any good recipe without honey. Same with your skin too. If any homemade mask has some honey in it, ypu can be sure, it is gonna be good! You can apply honey on your face too, but half a lemon juice will give it the boost it's need. 


Yes, you should consume less suger for healthier skin. But you still can use sugar ON your skin. Sugar face and body scrabs are good. You even can use sugar unvanted hair removal. Just melt some sugar with little bit honey, water and lemon acid. When it is done, let it chill litle bit and use it for hair removal. And you can use leftovers next time too! Just don't forget to heat it up. 


Coffee grains can be used as scrubs or face mask. No need too sacrifice your precious coffee grains, just use used grains - it is good as new anyway! 

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