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Tips on choosing perfect bed

Bedroom is secret place for all of us. We all dream to lay on soft, firm and cozy bed at night after long day… That is way perfect bed is essential, almost a bliss. If you did not get that bliss yet, then you should consider buying a new one. Buying a new bed can become a real challenge when you do not know where to start. Do not worry, we are here to give you best advices and tips on choosing right bed for you and your significant other.

Do your research
Maybe, few years ago visiting as many stores as you can considered as “doing research”, but not anymore. You do not have to leave your house to know about what you gonna buy and where are you gonna buy! Just do some online research and see what is on the market. Overall what you got and number down your choices between 2 to 5 options.

Feel it first!
Of course, after doing an online research, ordering online is very tempting. However, you should restrain yourself. Go to store, touch it, feel the softness, lay on it, and even jump on it! Okay, maybe last one is a little bit inappropriate, but you get the point. You have to see and feel what you are buying.

Measure everything beforehand
Your bed`s size should be perfect match with your room`s size. A big bed in a small room can be quite problem and a small bed in a big room could be a total waste of space! Measuring your bedroom, furniture and even curtains will be good help at choosing a bed.

Mattress is the essential 
Yes, every bed comes with mattress, but the question is, is that mattress right for you? Do not be afraid to ask about mattress, questioning features, changing policies and etc. if you like the bed, but not sure about the mattress it comes with it, consider buying different mattress. Actually, having two different mattress – one for summer time, one for winter time – could be a good idea too!

Simple is the best
There is so much unusual beds out there. They might seem cool and fun, but you will get bored after 3 to 6 months anyway. For example, do you really need an oval bed?
It is really cool! However, finding bed sheets going to be nightmare! That is way classic and simple models could be best for more efficiency. It goes for swing beds too.  Okay, it is our childhood dream comes to true, but very dangerous. Just imagine getting up in the middle of the night for a glass of water and your bed won`t just stop to let you get of it! 

Beds with multiple function
Some beds serves as storage unit at the same, some comes with secret compartment or mini fridge. It might seems as extra, but also can be really handy if you think about it. Secret compartment is the best for hiding your jewelry or money, mini fridge will bring extra fun to “Netflix and chill” moments etc.

Use your money wisely
As overdoing your budget is bad, as buying cheaper things when you have more money is not good. Things are cheaper for a reason, do not forget it. Set your goals and budget. What are you looking for in a bed? What feature are you willing to pay more? What is extra and you won`t need anyway? Consider all of those carefully before buying your bed!

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