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Tips on how to stay positive

Having a positive attitude is bless right now. We all have some issues due to quarantine and it gets hard to everyday to stay positive and smile. Not impossible, though. If you really want to stay positive, there are always some options for this. Before starting to give that tips which will help you stay positive, lets look at some benefits of staying positive:

  • Make you more accepting about what happening right now. It is not up to us and we have so little to do change it, so accepting what it is, is a logical thing to do.
  • Kids and animals will love you. Of course, everybody likes people who smiles, yet kids and animals do not care anything else about you – your salary, education, position and etc. just a smile is enough for them.
  • It is scientifically proven that staying positive helps us to cure faster. It is almost like placebo effect!  
  • It is a fact that no matter how you feel at the moment, when you are smiling your mood changes to positive immediately. You literally becoming happier!
  • Back then being serious and looking serious was a good sign when you were applying for a job, yet now it is considerers as if you are not an easygoing person. Smiling will make you more approachable.

Now we know why staying positive is good for us. So, how to keep ourselves positive? It is not that hard, actually. The first step always should be to know what do you want. Do you want to be happy? Do you want to be more relax? Do you want to create a positive atmosphere for your loved ones? If the answer is “yes” for all of them, then congratulations, you already achieved your first goal!

Read books that are more positive and watch funny movies. Yes, of course what we read and what we watch effects our mood. If you read heavy drama or tragedy, it will affect you for weeks! Also, watching horror movies or heartbreaking romans can make you gloomy for the rest of the day. It is easy to find movie and book according to your genre preference right now. Just go to random book or movie web-site and choose cheerful genre. Now you have a whole list of positive things to you enjoy.
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Baking cake or making a meal also might considered as therapy.  Baking is an underrated art form. That is why; baking something should be seen as expressing yourself. If you bake well, perfect! If it is the otherwise, no worries, you will master it eventually. Just keep trying and do not forget to smile while you are doing this.

Organizing mostly seen as “serious” job, but it might give pleasure for some people. It is okay and you should use it on your behalf. Whenever you feel little bit down go and reorganize your garage, attic or closet. When you see everything in order and clean, you will cheer up with no doubt.
Visiting some place or just changing your city is a perfect mood changer. Leave behind those unpleasant memories and look forward! If you do not have chance moving permanently, then just get some weekend getaway and enjoy your weekend at somewhere else. You will start to new week more positive for sure.

Sayin “I love you” is the ultimate weapon of “team positivity”. Jokes aside, when you express your feeling, especially good feeling you are more likely to smile and stay positive! So say “I love you” all day to your loved one. Because, you are loving them, duh!

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