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Vegan substitute tips for everyday products. 

A vegab life style is considering one of healthy life styles these days. However, when you choose this life style it is hard to find vegan alternatives for everyday products. But is it not impossible! You can bake a vegan cake, meal, soup or even Sunday Roast easily! Here are few substitute ideas :


If you want to use vegan replacement of egg, there is plenty of it! You can use ¼ cup of silken tofu, for example. But you have to blend it until smooth. Same amount of mashed banana perfect in vegan pancekes. And if you want real egg texture, then flex or chia seeds are best for it! 


Are you still thinking that only vegan alternative for milk is soy milk? No, not anymore, darling. There are endless choices now! And you can find them in any supermarket! Most used and easy to find ones are Almond milk, Coconut milk, Cashew milk, Rice milk and Hemp milk. Try them and decide which one is your favorite. 


Of course, a simple solution would be just use vegetable oil instead. But there are times when you need to use butter in baking or cookin. Coconut oil has butter-like texture and it would be perfect in baking. Also, avocado pure is a vegan alternative for butter. There is plenty vegan butter choices too! 


It is hard to imagine something to replace meat, but in some recipes it is quite possible and result is wonderful! You can use mushrooms instead of meat in burgers, roasts, can grill tofu. Eggplants similar to meat with texture and protein level too! Delicious and vegan. Soy protein and Tempeh are new and unusual meat substitutes now. 


Vegan yogurt is easy to find and has mane alternatives. It is linked with vegan milks. If ypu have a vegan milk preference, then you just use that's milks yogurt too. No need to try all flavors, you can still try them though.

Chicken broth

Replacing chicken broth with vegan alternative is very easy. You should use the same amount of vegetable broth instead. But if you want to have that tangy and umami flavor of chicken broth, just choose your herbs and spices wisely. Make experiments and find your perfect taste! 


Unlike milk and yogurt, cheese has so many taste and texture alternatives, so it is seems like hard to replace. Nit quite right, actually. If yoi want ricotta, then just use almond cheese! Recipe demands parmesan? Use hemp seeds crumble cheese instead! Savory blue cheese? Have some garlic and herb Cashew cheese. And for fresh, melting and bubbling mozzarella, just get some Daiya cheese! Bon appetite! 

Ground meat. 

For ground meat substitute there is not only, but well know product: lentil. Rich with proteins, has similar texture and taste! Use it in burgers, tacos, chillies - anything requires ground meat. Easy, cheap and healthy! 

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