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What should you eat after exercising. 

Being in shape is a hard work. You have to exercise everyday. But exercise is not enough if you do not follow your diet. You have to track what are you eating and how much are you eating. It might sound easy, but requires dedication and determination. 
You may follow your diet and exercise daily, but cannot reach your body goal yet. Why this happens? Actually, there is an easy explanation: you do not know what to eat after exercising! When we exercise we burn so much calories and fat. We need to get back some of them immediately to save our stretch and build muscle. Here are few things you should eat after exercising:

Protein shakes. 

Protein shakes are very popular right now. There are so many different options and flavour right now in the market. But it would be best if you could make your own protein shake at home. It is much more healthier and cheap. You won't need that much things anyway, just everyday ingredients which we all have at home. Here is the one quick recipe:
One cup of ful fat yogurt
One raw egg
One ripe banana
Fresh berries. 
Blend it in blender and drink! It will freshen up you and give you the energy boost you needed.
Take a look this Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

Water… Special water. 

When we exercise, we sweat a lot. It is not only unpleasant normal body fluid, but also it dried us from inside. We lose so much liquid, we need to replace them plain water is the best for filling up your body liquid. However, when you sweat, you lose sodium too! It is okay, when you lose it slowly, your body will replace it in a short time. But when you sweat a lot and drink too much plain water, it might be a problem. Try sports drinks. Find you lr favorite brand and flavor. If you have doubts, you can make your own sports drinks at home anyway. There are different recipies!
Another product for your need - Water Bottle with Time Marker

Carbs are good 

There is common misunderstanding : you should not eat Carbs if you want to stay healthy. It is not quite right. Actually, you have to eat your Carbs to stay healthy. We are talking about whole grain products, not processed white hamburger buns. Make your own bread, or buy a good brand. Eat tortila chips, homemade pastas once a while. It will help you to stay more stronger and you will not feel hungry all the time! 

There is no exercise without actual proteins. 

We talk about meat! Or beans and mushrooms. Protein is perfect for burning fat and gaining muscles. And the best part it can be found in many food. Just find one that you can enjoy after exercising. Good, without extra fat  medium rare steak can be perfect post exercise food or a delicious egg sandwich on whole grain homemade bread. Or nice and hot bean soup! Just get your protein! 

Dry fruits and nuts

Dry fruits and nuts are perfect snacks for exercise break or just after exercise. You will feel energizer in a minute! Maybe regular white sugar is bad for your health, but you still need some sugar to function properly, especially after long and  hard exercising! That why next time when you hit the gym do not forget to bring your snacks box with you! 
Almonds and dried black raisin are the best duo when you need to consume sugar in a healthy way! In addition, they are so delicious! You will enjoy it a lot! 

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